2020-01-29 Blog: A Pekuliar Companion (Creation of the Dunewing Falcon)

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Among the Vaelune’s many pursuits, hunting is especially popular. They use specialized beasts to great effect, including the Dunewing Falcon. A fierce bird of prey, its physiology is well-adapted to survive Verra's blistering deserts. Its eyes are keen, and can spot the slightest hint of movement - even creatures wriggling beneath the sands. Making its nest in the rocky dunes, its talons are sharp enough to carve out the arid stone necessary to make its home. Most striking, however, are its four massive wings. Even in the midst of a raging sandstorm, the Dunewing is able to maintain its airborne stability without much detriment. The Dunewing is an incredibly hardy bird and is valued by the Vaelune for its intelligence, allowing for more efficient training, and even the use of more complex commands.


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