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The Beta-1 and Beta-2 testing phases of Ashes of Creation will be short.[1]

The game should be pretty much done (at beta stage) and final polish and stuff like that being put in. We don't want people to get totally burnt out on the game before we actually release. So once we get to the beta phases it should be short and sweet.[1]Jeffrey Bard

Beta testing of Ashes of Creation (the MMORPG) will be closed.[2]

Beta release schedule

Phase Release Estimated/Actual date
Beta Beta-1. -
Beta-2. -


Beta NDA

Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta-1, Beta-2 are not covered by NDA.[4]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale stress testing NDA was lifted on 19 October 2018 at 6:30PM (PDT).[5][6]

Stress testers may discuss their experience. However visuals, including streams, video recording and screenshots for the stress test are under NDA. Unlike other studios, our community quite literally is first in, to Verra. And the stress test might be messy... Only visuals are under NDA.[8][9]Steven Sharif

Early access

Ashes of Creation early access packages:

Pre-order packs

Ashes of Creation Rime and Regal pre-order packs.[17]

The frigid expanse is not a place to be trifled with, and more often than not, suffering is the only thing many find. However, those with the necessary capital have taken it upon themselves to establish some semblance of civilization in the unrelenting winter. A path previously closed off now lies open, and new opportunities reveal themselves to those with the resources to brave the frost.[17]

Pre-order packs are available from the Kozmetikai bolt.[16]


Alpha and Beta participation is expected to grow with the sale of pre-order packs.[19]

Server wipes

Alpha and Beta servers will be wiped prior to launch.[20]



  • Kickstarter's most funded MMORPG.[39]
  • Kickstarter's #7 most funded video game.[40]
  • Most anticipated MMO –'s Best of 2017 Awards.[41]
  • Most anticipated early access hands-on MMORPG – MMOs World.[42]
  • Gamescom 2018: Best Independent game.[43]
  • Gamescom 2018: Best Online game.[43]

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