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Alpha-1 work-in-progress chat interface.[1]

We are working on a new chat log! The new log includes tabs for general, party, siege, guild, and more![1]

In-game text chat channels.
Channel Command
Local chat.[2][3] /say.[4]
Shout.[2][3] /yell.[4]
Party.[2][3] /party.[4]
Private message (PM).[2][3][5] /tell (playername).[4]
Node citizen chat.[7][8][2][3][9]
Global (Enabled for Alpha-1 testing).[4] /global.[4]
info-orange.pngAz alábbi információk némelyikét a közelmúltban nem erősítették meg a fejlesztők, és előfordulhat, hogy nem szerepelnek a jelenlegi fejlesztési ütemtervben.
In-game voice communication channels.
Channel VOIP Proximity-based
Open-world.[10] - No.[10]
Party.[11][12] Yes.[13][12] No.[13]
Raid.[11][12] Yes.[13][12] No.[13]
Guild.[12] Yes.[12] No.[13]
Tavern voice chat.[6] Yes.[6] Maybe - based on testing.[13]
Piacokon/Stall districts.[13] - Maybe - based on testing.[13]
Dungeons (limited rooms).[13] - Maybe - based on testing.[13]
Nevezetességek.[13] - Maybe - based on testing.[13]

Voice chat will have fully functional mute and chat preferences.[12]

Chat bubbles

Chat bubbles will be able to be toggled on or off by players. There will be options to manage the bubbles to reduce visual clutter.[14][15]

We do want to include chat bubbles. We do want to include a host of options that will allow you to manage those bubbles so you can turn them on, you don't see just a field of bubbles.[15]Jeffrey Bard

Voice controls

Raid and party leaders are able to control Voice chat.[16][17]

  • Toggle (global) mute on the entire raid.[17]
  • Define who has global speech capacity across the entire raid.[18]
  • Granting administrative functions to raid and party members.[16]

If you are joined in raid where you have multiple squads that have connected into a raid for the castle sieges, the leaders of those squads will be able to communicate across all members of squad. So let's say you have five teams of four, for a total of twenty people within a particular raid... there are five that have global speech capacity; and then in those individual parties they'll also have their own inter-voice communication. So party leader will be able to hear their party members and the party members will hear each other, but they'll also be able to hear other party leaders speak as well.[18]Steven Sharif

Tavern communications

Taverns offer private chat and voice communications for all patrons within the building.[6]

  • Tavern proximity voice chat may be available based on testing.[13]

User interface commands

info-orange.pngEz a rész az Alpha-1 teszteléséből származó információkat tartalmaz. Frissítjük, ha új információ válik elérhetővé.
Command Function
/say Chat command.[4]
/party Chat command.[4]
/yell Chat command.[4]
/global Chat command.[4]
/tell (playername) Chat command.[4]
/roll Simulates a dice roll.[19]
/e, /emote, /me[20] Textual emote.[21] Example: /me chuckles
Invite a character to join your guild.[22]
Add a character to your friends list.[22]

Alpha-1 emotes

Social animations and emotes available during Alpha-1 testing.[23]



Goblins attacking a Town (színpad 4) node due to a triggered event.[24][25]

Enemies can only really grow stronger as the node grows, becoming outposts essentially for exiled or rivals of the existing order.[26]Steven Sharif

There will be local, regional, or global (server-wide) announcements/notifications of important events.[26][27]

Event notifications will utilize different methods depending on the stage (scope and level) of the event.[26]

  • Local events
    • Local events (such as caravan PvP)[31][32][33] may prompt players via the UI asking if they wish to participate or not.[26]
    • Other local events may offer audible or visual cues without any UI notifications.[26]
    • Local events that have not been addressed may start to expand regionally or even globally.[26]
One important thing to note about events in general is notifications are sent to the players. Players can opt into these events in a similar way that you would into a quest. You're going to be presented with a 'would you like to participate' but they might not always be that way. You might hear trees falling in the forest and that may be an audio cue to tell you something's happening over there. It's out of the ordinary. This is not normally an audio cue that I hear in this area and i'm gonna go investigate that thing. So it might not just be always that UI window represented with a 'participate or not' but I'm going to go investigate and in that sense it could be stage driven. So you might have the more local stage where it is just the visual or audio cues and you get to go participate in that stage; and then when it advances, or if you don't answer the problem in time, then it starts to expand regionally and then it might send out particular notifications to either citizens of the node from which it falls under its purview or even broader than that. It could be global driven events and then it could have things that are are visual cues that are really big like a giant blizzard that's affecting the zone, because the event hasn't been addressed; and that can affect the crop rotations or it can affect passages and roads and how caravans move. There's a lot that the predicate system informs to the event system and then the event system reacts to those types of predicates.[26]Steven Sharif
Whether it be like a siege or a triggered event against a city or like a unique dungeon opportunity... those types of things are going to involve notifications. Especially to the citizens of the city; where you'll be informed of an impending event. Basically it will give you time.[30]Steven Sharif
  • Regional or global events
    • Wider events may be broadcast regionally or even globally.[26][27]


Az Ashes of Creation elérhető lesz Angolul, Franciául, Németül és Oroszul.[35][36]

  • Olasz, Lengyel, Spanyol lokalizáció ezután kerül hozzáadásra.[36]
    • A Spanyol a közeljövőben lesz hozzáadva.[37]
  • További nyelvek megfontolás tárgyai.[35]

A szerverek nem lesznek nyelvre korlátozottak.[38]

  • Előfordulhatnak különálló szerverek az EU régióban, nyelvfajta alapján.[36]

There's localization that will be present in the German and French Russian languages to start; and then we intend to also localize in Italian, Polish and Spanish. So servers will be allocated within the region as being one of those language type servers. So it's not going to be per country per se as it might be per language.[36]Steven Sharif

Az Ashes of Creation lefordítása több nyelvre folyamatban van.[38][39]


Az NPC-k szinkronizált köszöntéssel rendelkeznek majd.[41][42]

  • Narrált küldetésvonalak jelenleg nincsenek tervben.[41]
  • Később szinkront a játékhoz adni egy egészen kinézeti változtatás.[41]

Is it difficult to add voice acting later? No, it's definitely not... It's a fairly cosmetic change.[41]Steven Sharif

Voice acting is a fun luxury to have, but it is not only a costly one, but it is also one that takes a lot of logistics.[43]Steven Sharif




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