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Intrepid Studios Inc. is a San Diego based game studio working on the MMORPG Ashes of Creation.[2]

Intrepid Studios was founded by Steven Sharif and John Moore, passionate gamers and successful entrepreneurs, who took their knowledge of business and passion for games and set out on a mission to make a gaming company that would build the games players want. Steven Sharif, set out to bring aboard a team of industry veterans, with a clear vision for the company’s first project. These titans of the industry hail from many backgrounds, but all share two common threads: AAA MMORPG development experience, and a passion for building the games players want.[3]


Everyone at Intrepid is focused on building games that help bring people together. Part of what makes us who we are is that ability to connect with others, and we adhere to this design principle throughout our development process. Since the beginning, Intrepid has held to the philosophy of making games with no pay-to-win or cash grab elements – we respect our players and believe that these tactics aren’t necessary if we simply build games that players want to play. That philosophy, combined with a commitment to transparency and communication with our community, reflects the most important values that we as developers can uphold.[3]

Az Intrepid Studios nyílt (átlátszó) fejlesztési formát végez, óvatos megfontolással szerkesztett bejelentések helyett.[5]

I don't answer to a board. I don't answer to a publisher. We answer to our players; and we try to be as transparent as possible with showing our progress; and showing it in a timely manner.[6]Steven Sharif

I think that we live in an age where it's easy to be transparent if you're not trying to hide something. The downside is if you're showing something that's not a completed or finished product, it is incumbent upon the viewer to understand that fact.[5]Steven Sharif

There are obviously going to be some aspects of the development that we will not reveal, like lore and some system mechanics in order not to spoil the game for release.[7][8]Steven Sharif


  • A Kickstarter legfinanszírozottabb MMORPG-je.[9]
  • A Kickstarter 7. legfinanszírozottabb játéka.[10]
  • Legvártabb MMO –'s Best of 2017 Awards.[11]
  • Legvártabb korai hozzáféréses MMORPG – MMOs World.[12]
  • Gamescom 2018: Legjobb független játék.[13]
  • Gamescom 2018: Legjobb online játék.[13]


Az Intrepid Studios saját maga adja ki az Ashes of Creation-t az Észak Amerikai (NA), Oceániai (OCE) és a Délkelet Ázsiai (SEA) régiókban.[14][15]

We have learned a lot from our partnership with MY.GAMES, and we wish our friends there all the best as we have mutually decided to part ways. Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce that Intrepid Studios will be opening European offices in Amsterdam to help support our publishing operations in the EU/CIS regions. We have recently posted open positions for our new EU offices, and look forward to hiring the best and brightest in true Intrepid fashion.[16]Steven Sharif

Az Ashes of Creation MMORPG nem fog megjelenni a Steam platformon.[17]


The biggest qualifier for the people that we hire at Intrepid, and probably one of the components of why I'm a very selective individual when it comes to introducing new members to the team is, are you a MMO gamer? Have you played MMOs before? Yes, you can model a creature. Yes, you can code a feature. But, do you know what it's like to be the player on the other side of the screen who's going to play the thing you're doing, and do you know what it means to play it? Have you experienced that sense of community? Do you know what the MMO genre is truly?[19]Steven Sharif


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