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Resource bag with spatial ("Tetris" style) slots.[2][3]

Inventory for A2 will exist in two categories, spatial and non-spatial. The spatial inventory system will only exist for materials and gatherables. The non-spatial system will be the normal single slot inventory that is used for all completed items IE gear, consumables etc.. The spatial system is intended to provide limitation and progression when everything in the open world is gatherable, requiring players to strategize which things they choose to gather or not. These spatial inventories will be shaped in various ways that make the bag types more conducive for certain types of gatherables allowing players to specialize their capacity. Auto sort is a feature[2]Steven Sharif

Personal inventory limits[4][5] are tied to a backpack.[6] Material and gatherable items are subject to quantity rather than weight limits.[7] Lakókocsik and Öszvérek are intended to be the primary mode of transportation of goods beyond these limits.[8][9]

  • Öszvérek can carry roughly 10 times more than backpacks. Caravans can carry roughly 10 times more than mules.[10]
  • Lakókocsik will have carrying capacity limits and customizable stats, such as defensive points, speed and number of hired NPC guards.[11]
    • In addition to expanded inventory capacity, caravans also provide ancillary benefits relating to successfully completing trade routes and other quests.[12]
    • Items transported by caravan must be stored in crates.[13]
In my opinion, and this is of course subjective, but weight management is not a compelling mechanic for players to have to deal with in an MMO setting.[7]Steven Sharif

Készlet capacity has quantity (stacking) limits based on the type of item.[7][8] For example: The stacking limit of potions might be one hundred. The stacking limit of food items might be 999 or 1000.[8]

Inventory is split into two separate management systems. The first is your non-material, non-gatherable slots. Those are your standard single slot, not-space-constrained system that's a standard inventory: you just have a single slot, and you can pull completed items and/or consumables and quest items or whatever into that slot. And then, when you're talking about materials, specifically processed goods and gatherables: those exist within the Tetris type uh inventory system.[15]Steven Sharif
We want to have very unique progression when it comes to the construction of resource bags; and those resource bags will have certain benefits, like increasing stack size count of particular types of resources; or of having a additional delay time necessary to interface with with your corpse, should a player try to take the resources you might have dropped in PvP; or having passive benefits and unique structures of spacing that makes it more a better bag for wood gathering because woods are three-by-one; or a better bag for mining because mining is always two-by-two. The idea is to make your intent as a gatherer when you go out into the wild specific right not just that you're going out into the wild and gathering everything you can because it's there; and that's what we don't have like a labor system that limits it. We have a space constraint system so when you leave your node and you go out into the wild you need to be conscientious of what you're choosing to interact with and take resources for, because you have a limited space constraint to that degree.[15]Steven Sharif
We want you to know where the things are; and then the meaningful aspect of that thing is traveling to those locations to access some of those things, particularly as it relates to materials and raw gatherables.[21]Steven Sharif
  • Inventories will be able to be sorted.[2]
info-orange.pngAz alábbi információk némelyikét a közelmúltban nem erősítették meg a fejlesztők, és előfordulhat, hogy nem szerepelnek a jelenlegi fejlesztési ütemtervben.


Featherstone Expedition Pack backpack 3D renders.[23]

In order to roleplay you need to be able to represent what your character is doing in that world and part of what animation is doing is creating these sockets on the let's say the belt or the backpack that can plug in certain types of props or items that are created by the character team.[24]Steven Sharif

A backpack (also referred to as a Bag) is an item crafted by artisans that provides personal inventory space.[25][6]

There's item progression as it relates to quality of bags, types of bags, and the materials they're most used for. Some of them are more PvP oriented that can reduce significantly drop rates for PvP as a result of that progression.[25]Steven Sharif
Some of those bags might have increased times to interact with a player corpse and you can choose to perhaps have less capacity, less stack size, less slot availability for the certain types of gatherables you may want to acquire in exchange for an increased interaction time for other players that might try to loot that bag, giving you time to reach it and take back your belongings. Or, if in the middle of a fight they see a corpse on the ground and they're like wait a minute, I want to grab that. Well, if I got to spend 10 seconds to interact with that corpse and there's combat going on, this is an opportunity strategically for you to recapture the grounds- for you to recapture the battlefield. You want to think about those types of interactions. How do you add layers of strategy to engagements and and there's ways to do that through inventory management as well.[27]Steven Sharif


Öszvérek are mounts that assist in the transport of goods, resources, and gatherables to increase a player's carrying capacity.[29] Mules transport goods on a much smaller scale than the caravan system.[30]


Lakókocsik facilitate the transfer of goods for players wishing to turn a profit.[32]

Lakókocsik are vehicles that facilitate the transfer of cargo across Verra.[34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][32]


  • There are small, medium, and large crates.[51] The higher quality the crate, the greater its capacity.[13]
Commodities can go into Crates to move them. If someone loses a Caravan, in the wreckage there are Crates. If you get a Crate to a Caravansary you can unpack it.[57]Ry Schueller
  • Glint must be transported via crate when in large quantities.[60][13]
  • Crates will undergo testing and iteration during Alpha-2.[13]

Unsealing crates

Unsealing crates (by breaking open sealed crates) yields less value than transporting the sealed crates for unloading.[56] This is in addition to the value already lost when the caravan (or merchant ship) was destroyed.[57][58][59][53]

Cracking/breaking Crates always give less value than doing the work to get a Crate back to a place where you can unpack it. Commodities like "A Case of Kaelar Wooden Soldiers" don’t go into a player’s inventory. The only way someone gets Commodities like "A Case of Kaelar Wooden Soldiers" from place to place is in Crates.[56]Ry Schueller


Storage points exist at warehouses within nodes and in chests (storage containers) that can be placed in freeholds and static in-node housing.[61][62][63]

Player housing storage

Chests are a type of furniture that provides localized storage within a specific house.[66][67][68]

info-orange.pngAz alábbi információk némelyikét a közelmúltban nem erősítették meg a fejlesztők, és előfordulhat, hogy nem szerepelnek a jelenlegi fejlesztési ütemtervben.


Nodes advance to the first stage quickly. This enables NPC services such as vending or banking items.[79]

Mailing items

From an item standpoint obviously we can't allow mailing to include any type of resource material or raw gatherable because those are central to the gameplay and transiting through the caravan system and economic regions. But it may be possible to send completed crafted items like gear, equipment, stuff like that. But it's something we're still discussing.[81]Steven Sharif




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