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Kaelar symbol.png Kaelar (pronounced Kay-lar[3][4]) are a playable Aela Human race in Ashes of Creation.[5]

Build. Order. Civilization. These are the foundational principles of the Kaelar. Their empire in the old world spanned the largest of all, and they plan to do the same in this world. Extremely loyal to their roots, the Kaelar will rise to the challenge.

Artistic influence

The Kaelar have a European racial influence.[6]

Aela Humans

Aelan capital city Aela Alpha-2 concept art.[7]

Pictured is concept art of the former capital city of the Aelan empire![7]

Aelan Humans are split into two races: Kaelar and Vaelune.[5]

Aelan artistic influence

Az Aelan építészet a középkori francia építészetből merít.[12]