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Static housing provides non-instanced player accommodation within a node, also known as in-node housing.[2]

Static housing benefits

Player housing offers a number of benefits:[6][7]

  • Ability to claim citizenship to a Node.[8]
  • Ability to place furniture and other decor items.[9][10]
    • Houses will be empty when purchased. Players will need to place furnishings and decorations in them.[11]
    • Each size of player-owned housing determines how many decor items can be placed in it.[6]
  • Storage containers.[10][7]
    • Players must build and place these in their housing. There are restrictions on the grades of storage containers available in different types of houses.[10]
    • Different grades of storage containers have different inventory capacities.[10]
  • Ravaszkodó benches to craft furniture and other items.[9][7]
  • Prized items can be displayed within a house.[7]
  • Eredmények and trophies may be displayed.[7]
  • Social activities.[7]
  • May provide proximity based bonuses.[7]

Static housing offers the following additional benefits.[9]

Node citizenship

Player housing grants the ability to claim citizenship of a node.[8]

  • Citizenship tickets may also grant citizenship to certain node stages. This mechanic will be decided based on testing.[13]

We want these places to be populated and people to be attracted to them and so right now we think housing is enough for that. But we don't want to design ourselves into a corner where we don't have any other options, so the hope is that yes citizenship will be only gained through housing; with our caveat that if that doesn't work well we'll change it.[13]Jeffrey Bard

Citizenship can be claimed for Village (level 3) nodes or higher.[14]

  • A player can only claim citizenship to one node at a time.[15]
  • Only one citizenship may be declared per account, per server.[16][17]
    • This may have changed to one citizenship per account.[18]

Your account is bound to one declared citizenship per server, which means that if you have two alts and your main character on one server you may only be a citizen of one node between those three... If you have an alt on a different server, it could be a citizen of a node as well.[17]Steven Sharif

Changing citizenship has a cooldown of two weeks.[8]

You can declare citizenship to only one node and when you declare that citizenship. Let's say for example, one guild perhaps wanting to kind of take all their members and have them all declare the same citizenship to a location. The longer a node exists the higher the prize it is to take and some systems with regards to crafting progression and/or rewards and bonuses or the reliquary that we haven't really touched on a lot, those systems are going to be so enticing that from an incentive standpoint it will compel other groups to either potentially break alliances or siege the city in order to take the goods that are potentially in it. So, from an incentive standpoint we have that at play. Additionally, we don't have a cap per-se that we've announced yet on the citizenship aspect of being in a node, but we do have soft caps. It becomes costlier the higher number of citizens each time one new person wants to join to be part of a node. So, there is sort of a soft cap on how many citizens one node can have and it might be that not all in the guild can participate in that area. So, there's kind of a natural divide: A pseudo faction, so to speak between who is a part of that node and who is not.[20]Steven Sharif

A player does not need to declare citizenship of any node. These players won't need to pay taxes but will miss out on benefits of citizenship.[21]

Household security

A permissions system will enable an owner to grant access to specific parts of their housing.[22][23][24]

It'll be a single owner based system for those types of properties- for properties in general, but it doesn't prevent players obviously from you know collaborating and pooling resources in order to achieve certain achievements in the game.[22]Steven Sharif

Static housing development

Static housing furnishings and home decorations in an Alpha-1 village node.[10]

If the node advances players can essentially select an option on their house as they own it that they want it to upgrade to the next stage if the node advances or they can select an option not to upgrade it. So you as the node levels and larger homes become available, the town stage introduces additional medium types housing, the city stage introduces large sized homes, and in the metropolis stage introduces my mansion size houses each of which contain specific... allowances and allotments for different types of furnishings that have gameplay implications.[10]Steven Sharif

In-node housing can scale in size with the advancement of it's parent node. This may be toggled on or off by the player.[10][2]

  • The Village stage offers small housing types.[10]
  • The Town stage introduces medium housing types.[10]
  • The City stage introduces large sized homes.[10]
  • The Metropolis stage introduces mansion size houses.[10]

If you choose to keep the same size then the next stage will have an occupied small home. So for instance if at stage three there are 8 small home and you own 1, then at stage 4 there are 10 new small homes of which x are owned by previous owners, and 10 new medium homes of which x are owned by upgraded small home owners.[29]Steven Sharif

New property becomes available at each stage of advancement, but it will be more akin to what was available at the previous stage.

  • Only the houses that existed at the Village stage will become main street mansions at the Metropolis stage.

Housing decorations

Players may decorate their player housing and other types of buildings.[32]

Quality furniture can be crafted in-game based on the skill of the craftsperson.[36]

Your ability to craft more luxurious furniture comes with how much of a master craftsman you've become in the furnishing profession... This isn't like you know, I want my house to look good, I got to fork over 50 bucks in cosmetics... Players can craft in-game based on their dedication and focus in that aspect the artisan tree.[36]Steven Sharif

Static housing destructibility

Following a node siege, static housing will be scaled back or destroyed based on the advancement of the node.[37]

  • If the housing was purchased at a higher advancement than the node currently is then it will be destroyed, otherwise the housing will be scaled back.

Player housing designs and decorations are retained and can be placed again later if the housing is destroyed during a node siege.[37][38]

  • Blueprints are mailed to the player to utilize for future placement.[39]
  • Destroyed freeholds are subject to material loss.[39]
  • Certificates will track major milestones (such as Furnaces and Homesteads, for example).[37][38]
  • A possible design idea is for items such as furnishings to be boxed in crates that are accessible inside the new home.[40]

Destructible environments

Destructible environments will be a core element of how players interact with the world, in both Ashes of Creation Apocalypse and Ashes of Creation the MMORPG.[43]

Not just in APOC where we want a completely destructible environment, but also in the MMORPG when it comes to Dungeons and traversing certain areas. We want destruction to be a very core element of how players make their way through the world.[43]Steven Sharif

Housing types

Player housing Type.[2] Availability.[2] Limit.[45]
Apartmanok Instanced. Town stage and higher. One per server.
Freeholds Open world. Village stage and higher. One per account.
Static housing In-node. Village stage and higher. One per server.

Real estate

Players buy the deeds for housing from the node itself.[14] Players can also buy and sell properties from other players.[2]

  • Housing will have a base price that scales with the number of citizens in the node.[46]
  • The developers are considering an auction-based method for listing new properties that become available for purchase when a node advances.[48]
    • A grace period will occur before the housing becomes available for auction.[48]
    • Bids will then be accepted starting at a minimum reserve value that is based on the number of citizens in that node.[48]
    • At the end of the auction, the highest bidder will win the house.[48]
  • Static housing and apartments can be listed and sold to other players at prices determined by the player-driven economy.[6][49]
  • Housing ownership can default back to the node if the owner fails to pay their property taxes. A balance and penalties will be charged to the new purchaser of the home in the manner of a "foreclosure process".[46]
  • Players will not be able to exceed their allotment of housing in the game.[51]

This will allow players to transfer real property goods. This includes ... static housing, this includes apartments that they may own; and they can sell those because those will have a limited and finite quantity.[51]Steven Sharif

Rental and leasing concepts are currently under consideration.[51]

Some concepts that we have is going to be rental or leases that could be had allowing players to kind of lease a property for a period of time where they will have control rights over utilizing storage based on the area, controlling the furniture or access point; all that kind of stuff.[51]Steven Sharif

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