Wayfarer pre-order pack: Apr 2019 - May 2019

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The Wayfarer pre-order pack was available from the Kinézeti Bolt.[1]


Pre-order pack information

Pre-order pack cosmetic skins cycle monthly and are never available again for purchase. Apart from the cosmetic skins, the packages can also include subscription time, embers (virtual currency for future cosmetics when the game is live), access to alphas and betas, and other perks such as name reservation.[3]

These packs are completely optional and provide no vital components for succeeding in Ashes.[3]Steven Sharif

Pre-order pack addons

Purchasers of pre-order packs have the ability to purchase future individual pre-order pack cosmetics (at the same or lower level as their pack purchase) as add-ons in the month that they are on sale.[2] [3][4]

  • Kickstarter and Nyári crowdfunding backers can also purchase pre-order pack cosmetics as add-ons.[5] This only applies to the current month's cosmetics and beyond.[6]
  • In the month a pack is purchased, only the upgrade tiers will be shown on the shop. Individual items will be visible in future months.[7]

Pre-order pack upgrades

Kinézeti dolgok owned prior to upgrading a pre-order pack are retained.[8]

  • Cosmetics in the new package tiers in the month of the upgrade are gained.[8]
  • Upgrades won't unlock duplicate cosmetic items that were already granted by a previous package.[2]
  • The upgrade price is the difference between the new and old pre-order pack prices.[2]