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So if I pay for subscription for Ashes of Creation do I also get the battle pass for all the BR or will I have to buy them separately?

Steven: I would imagine that they're going to be separate for users; and the reason for that would be because there's going to be unique cosmetics that can only be achieved and or earned through Apocalypse but we'll still be in the MMO. So when the MMO is launched and the people have active subscriptions ... when that happens it'll be about you know let's see subscriptions will actively we started probably fourth quarter in 2019; and at that point we're going to- the process for creating those art assets will begin to diverge away from MMORPG specific assets. Right now we're capable of populating these assets with you know MMORPG NPC skins and stuff like that that we can kind of dual purpose, but in fourth quarter of 2019 I imagine that it will be a separate team that will create assets for Apocalypse and that's why we would charge for those separately.


Steven with the class kits coming with the castle siege, is there a chance we gonna get a healer class?

Steven: Oh absolutely. Yeah there are we there will be healing skills that are present in the in the support version of the class. So those will be- The support is going to focus around two things: It's going to focus around offering buffs and/or debuffs based on proximity to the class as well as based on projectile use. So you'll be able to target a location to launch a projectile and on impact will grant buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies. Additionally you'll have a proximity based around yourself, centered on self, or centered on on projectile impact, healing bursts, healing grenades so to speak, healing potion bursts that will grant life to your allies.


When we get to siege, how is the comms gonna work as far as trying to coordinate as many people as they are actually running around in siege?

Steven: Yep so the way that that will work is- at least the way we're thinking about it is- is if you are if you are joined in raid where you have multiple squads that have connected into a raid for the castle sieges, the leaders of those squads will be able to communicate across all members of squad. So let's say you have five teams of four, for a total of twenty people within a particular raid [cross-talk] there are five that have global speech capacity; and then in those in those individual parties they'll also have their own inter-voice communication. So party leader will be able to hear their party members and the party members will hear each other, but they'll also be able to hear other party leaders speak as well.


I'm gonna frame this a bit but your vision in your dream was to make MMOs great again and then as we've developed some things have started to maybe shift a little bit closer to EA and Blizzard mentality.

Steven: Oof. I wouldn't say that.

In that on the Kickstarter it says the purpose of the Kickstarter was marketing stretch goals give room to breathe. The core from the core viable products fully funded. Then you shuffled how testing was going to be done in order to create Apocalypse, which was a response to the community; and we said this and I'll be the first to say we said we don't believe Unreal Engine 4 can do what you say it can. We don't believe you can do action combat the way you say you can. The concern now is it seems in the last 30 days Apocalypse has become over monetized and it almost seems like that has become a focal point now; and I'm just caught I'm gonna call you out on something you said you said during the stream today: Testing takes money. If your core viable product was already fully funded

Steven: Development.

Oh okay, so your core viable development money was there, but you didn't have the money for testing.

Steven: Well let me explain that. So there's a little bit of difference. So I absolutely hear what you're saying. There's two things in play there though: One the development of a core viable product absolutely I'm 100% funding, That's already there. That's scheduled out. The hiring of additional team members in order to encompass that development time is paid for. What is different is however when we added an additional testing phase and our intention for that testing phase originally was only to test with say 10,000 users right; and that was a part of the sale price of that alpha one testing was to accommodate a little bit of that testing money because when you host servers when you pay for CDN downloads you know that all of the above the operations of a game requires money, specifically. However that was already accommodated for when we decided that it would be beneficial to address community concerns with regards to combat and a number of players and our participants in the number of the hundreds as a part of a either you know Battle Royale, Castle Siege, whatever the game mode is we need to get a hundred few hundred players in a particular area. That means that we need to have a lot of data that we decided to move up earlier in testing. We decided to do earlier than what was originally planned or scoped for. Now when we decided hey, okay let's get as many people as possible to connect to this, so that we can really stress the server architecture. In order to do that we now need to host on our cloud infrastructure which again cost money to test, not necessarily develop but test. Let's host hundreds of thousands so we can address any potential problems that might arise as most MMOs have on launch day, or that we need to to have a viable test pool of individuals who we can hit the threshold of available players in a particular area. That doesn't reflect the development cost of Ashes of Creation. Now we're adding new variables. Hundreds of thousands of players as opposed to the 10,000 we intended for alpha one. When we have servers that need to host that amount of people it needs, it makes sense that we would have a monetization strategy in order to account for those for those testing fees. So it's not really correlated I think testing and development at least with regards to cost. I think those are two very different things.

So just to make sure that's represented. Had the development state on the original plan wasn't monetized necessarily but in response to the community's concerns you rose to the occasion, you're going to do that testing but that testing is an additional cost on top of what you had planned?

Steven: Yeah. I think there's two things there. Yes that was that was articulated correctly. However in addition to that, what we've done with phase one when I think it was a little over a month ago you know we were having the confusion before we named it Apocalypse people were like hey you know this is alpha one phase one mode one and is this the MMORPG and many people are saying it's now a BR, or it's now an arena game, or you know whatever the deal was. We said listen we're gonna do a 180 on this granting. So internally what we did was we began to create marketing assets. We began to that's with like 2d art that has you know the apocalypse branding on it; and we decided that we were going to create this into a standalone game mode and the standalone game mode will be persistent and we'll just dual-purpose the art assets that we have created for the MMORPG in order to facilitate an available, what's a called, you know an available chase. Basically a reason why people would want to play the game to earn those cosmetics. To kind of have a arena in which the game was fun to play that wasn't very alpha'y or wasn't very test oriented right; and when we decided to take that turn a month ago part of that was you know this needs to be a viable product on its own. If that's the case: If we're going to invite hundreds of thousands of players to potentially play this product and we're going to put a marketing campaign around this so that we can collect the data that we need on the backend infrastructure, we can start standing up servers and across the globe basically. If that's the case then we need to make sure that from a product standpoint this is a viable product; and what that means is it will have a monetization strategy. Now the monetization strategy I think is actually very friendly. In addition to that we've decided to grant alpha-1 users the lifetime membership to that monetization right; and we have the sharing those cosmetics with the MMORPG. So those are all in my opinion actually a very beneficial thing. Not bad. Especially for the production of Ashes of Creation.


That wasn't the direction. We were missing some key details. So now we can take that and read because that's your vision and we can reshape your vision out with your message.

Steven: Yeah and I think you know that the point that people say you know we backed an MMO. Absolutely and the MMORPG production schedule is on schedule. As a matter of fact when you think about; and this is just me speaking as a player when you think about other projects that have begun let's say either from a crowdfunding standpoint or from you know Kickstarter whatever the people may be and you look at the schedules that they released from there their inception, none of them have really met any of those milestones. We have still met our milestones and we are continuing on schedule to meet those milestones; and when we decided to introduce this this period of testing particularly for action combat and or combat it was done in a way to address the concerns that players had from the development of the combat system; and you know reprioritizing that testing before alpha-1 obviously was a little bit of a difficulty for us to do but that's why we're running an agile project management structure, so we can actually turn on a dime so to speak; and it allowed us to maintain our schedule moving forward with regards to alpha 1 alpha 2 beta 1 beta 2 for the MMORPG and not impact that production.


I have a question regarding siege mode. Will guild support be implemented in so that we can queue as 20, or is it gonna be 4 groups of 5 and you would get put in with random people?

Steven: So there's a schedule with regards to siege mode right. At the end of the month is the intent for us to have our alpha 1 backers as usual be part of the preliminary testing for Siege mode. That's going to test the features of objective based warfare, some of the class kits, the map itself, some of the other features. The guild mode may not be available at those preliminary tests, but they would be available very shortly afterwards. At least for sure before deployment to the general public outside of the alpha 1 testers.

Does that mean queuing as groups or does that mean-

Steven: Actual groups will still be available yes.

No no no. Will we be able to queue as 20 people or will we be queueing as groups of four and getting placed with five others?

Steven: I'm sorry, I understand what you're saying. As I said, the initial tests that will be present at the end of the month, those may not initially have the grouping as 20. They'll have the grouping as four, but they may not have the initial grouping as 20. The grouping for twenty however will for sure be in place before it leaves alpha the Alpha one backer testing. So that might- it could be a couple of weeks after you know the end of December.


Do you have any plans for a leaderboard in Castle Sieges.

Steven: Yes absolutely. So there's- so right now actually in today's test you're going to see, which is right now being reuploaded because our s3 bucket upload failed, but we're re-uploading it now, so it's an hour delay, which is fine. But it has exposed- I believe it has exposed the leaderboard UI for the lobby. So you'll be able to see players and their performance in different match types and different mode types; and that will include Castle siege. One of the unique features of the castle siege and our leaderboards however is you'll be able to filter by guild and you'll be able to collect the data and leaderboard statistics on particular guilds and the performance of their members.


With combat at the moment it's obviously not the final combat but it's very FPS at the moment. We've stuff like headshots and stuff like that which can lead to sort of aimbots. Will headshots etc be in the MMO or you gonna move away from that and take it to a more-

Steven: We answered that question last month and the purpose the answer to that question was the purpose of this testing is to determine those types of questions. So we haven't yet collected enough data but after the 18th when we get a lot of people in will be able to collect data and will be able to then analyze from a design perspective how we want projectiles and hitboxes to to work and I'll have a question- I'll have an answer for you then. However with regards to aimbots we already have implemented actually, we began testing easy anti cheat which is a very very very good software third-party software for packet analyzing packet files that come from the client or allowing for third-party programs that are being run on a client to be prevented [cross-talk].

So with the easy anti-cheat thing in Rust Facepunch used to blame easy anti-cheat for not being able to detect certain things like headshots from 1500 meters away.

Steven: It's important to note that while we are using easy anti-cheat we are not the type of development team that takes a third-party software and just uses it out of the box. We obviously take that third-party software we analyze, we know how to code in it, we know how to change it as we need it to be changed. So we don't need to rely on Camu or easy anti-cheat in order to facilitate updates to the software for particular hacks like you may have experienced in other games. We're capable of doing that ourselves. That is our- yeah I promise- that is our standard when it comes ever to using a third-party supplier for a particular piece of software.


I have two questions. I have one about the hackers: Will you have hardware ID bans if they get caught cheating?

Steven: If a person is caught cheating we obviously have an escalation protocol. If they're caught botting there is a zero tolerance for botting and that will include an IP ban not just an account ban, so that they won't be able to turn around and create a [inaudible].

Okay and my second question is about servicing the EU. For us right now it's like 1:00 a.m. almost here and it's quite late to start playing right now of course we have schoolwork you know. Will the servers in here longer so we can play when we wake up or will come up earlier so we actually can play and not all night?

Steven: So it's important to note that during this testing period it's not really about accommodating the times for players to play so to speak, as it is more important for us to make sure that from a development standpoint we are watching the servers and from our time that we have personnel who are here to interpret the data that we're receiving and allocate resources to address either errors, bugs or fixes that need to be implemented. So while I can a hundred percent understand that it freaking sucks have a testing period that's as late as it is, that's just the nature of a US of a West Coast based development studio in this particular phase of testing. Now however as we move forward and we reach the 24/7 gameplay when open beta for December 18 that will be less of a problem because we will be able to be in a state where bugs being addressed can be on a schedule and we can still collect data from testers as our 24/7 testing period is available to everybody. But right now it really has to match our hours so we can't really accommodate that feature.


Steven I'd like to go back to making money on the BR if you don't mind. How can with other RPG BRs out there like Realm Royale and others that are coming out like Spell Break, how do you expect Apocalypse to not only compete but compete at a level where you'll make enough money to fund the servers and things of that nature?

Steven: Well the great thing about servers, especially from a cloud standpoint is scalability really dictates price. So it's not so much that we need to quote-unquote make enough money to support that server infrastructure because depending on how the performance of the game from a participation standpoint or from a marketability standpoint, however well the games performing they're the margin accommodates the cost associated. Now when you say you know how can we compete with other BRs out there, I think something that's unique and interesting about Ashes of Creation and Apocalypse is that we have not just the battle royale mode but we also have the castle siege mode and the horde mode that will be released and I think those are pretty independently unique compared to the Spellbreak that you mentioned or the Realm Royale. I think they're unique enough in the sense that when you look at the visual fidelity of Ashes of Creation being able to be immersed in our world and our art style, it's pretty unique compared to Spell break or Realm Royale for example. We're definitely more on the realistic side. We're definitely a I think higher graphical fidelity than some of those games and I think that we have a unique appeal to particularly players who are interested in not just magic combat, which I think Spell Break really appeals to, but also has the ability to utilize melee combat and swords and shields and whatnot.


I have a question about our MMO teaser next week. Would it be possible for us to see some caravan play in that also?

And some rouges.

Steven: So there won't be rogues and I hate to say there won't be caravans in that, because there's a particular issue with the caravans actually right now is there are two types of caravans as you know. There's player driven caravans; and that's basically you're spawning a caravan at any point in which you can store resources. So there are a few storage points there's warehouses within nodes and then there's also on freeholds you can have a storage point as well; and then there's a few other places that you might be able have storage points where you can spawn these caravans. That system's not set up yet. We could spawn technically a caravan, however we're having some issues right now with merging the hit points of the character with the caravan's hit points, because that's how its intended to function. You become one basically with your caravan and you are the driver.

Steven: Regardless there's some very there's some technical issues with that so caravans can't be deployed for this particular test. Really this is going to focus on what I wanted to do was, you know obviously people say there's concerns of "how much as time is taking away from the MMORPG?" so what I've had Jeff do has I've had Jeff take the the APOC client itself and we're going to literally overlay all of the the MMORPG features, systems, questing, NPCs, combat, what little of the hybrid combat we have done onto the APOC level, so you'll see how much is shared between that really took no divergence away in order to create this; and we're going to run the you know some quests in there and just kind of run around a chat about stuff.


When are we getting direwolves?

Steven: Direwolves will be implemented when they're ready. They're not ready yet. We have to move on to that particular model.


I have a question on leaderboards again. The question is since we're going to have leaderboards in the near future does that mean we're a be moving away from the Alpha id and more into actual names?

Steven: We will be moving away from the Alpha IDs as soon as we do the migration, which should be within the next weekish [cross-talk]. You'll be able to accounts as soon as we do that migration [cross-talk].


Obviously quite a few of us already have accounts with the same sort of email. Is that going to be an issue? Because I have my account linked-

Steven: It won't be an issue. So what's gonna happen is if Intrepid users would like to choose to play on or game center they may elect to transfer their Intrepid held accounts to that service. Now that'll be an integration that needs to be done. So it won't be available immediately, but it will for sure be available before alpha-1.


The siege's coming right around the corner. Will we be able to see a map soon?

Steven: Yes we will- well we have a map but I don't know if we're going to keep the initial testing of sieges under NDA with alpha one testers- who will be testing at the end of this, or if we're going to have that open. It depends. I haven't made that decision yet. So if we have it open then you'll be able to see it that soon. If we don't have it open, then you'll be able to see it as soon as I feel we're comfortable with that.


Here's a stupid question for you Steven. Is the back to bonding here- what is your opinion on macroing? Like if it's more like five, four, three, two, one or if it's just pressing E over and over?

Steven: My initial opinion on macroing is that- two things: First I don't necessarily like macroing. I think one if your game requires macroing then it's a bit monotonous and should probably be- the gameplay should be adjusted so that that's not a necessity. It needs to be more fluid and engaging to where it's not so predictable that you can have macros established for certain things. However I also generally just don't like the idea of macroing personally, but yeah I don't have an answer for that right now.


Going on top of macroing, what's the possibility of there being like say a macro but it's like you're using a skill but you want to have text like like you say automatically by pressing that skill like you're resurrecting somebody you're targeting

Steven: Yeah, text-based macroing I'm not as concerned about. Its skill really- skill usage that I have [inaudible].


How do you- do you plan on having because you I think you said not every character being able to heal. You plan on having like survival skills for like when players are solo or roaming and stuff like that like to survive like have invulnerability like?

Steven: Yeah I mean it's important- it's I mean- you know those are basically self-sustainability right. So like you don't want to have classes that cannot perform solo activities basically, that are that are completely reliant on having either group or whatever. So that type of self-sufficiency is definitely available for each of the classes. Yeah


Steven you have mentioned that you don't want potions to be a reliability like like in say like BDO. So in terms of response to the solo, like if a class doesn't have their sustainability, would they be able to resort to potions to keep themselves up or how is that planning on being worked out?

Steven: There's definitely going to be potions that are available and they can augment that sustainability too. However when I said I don't want people to have to rely on those things, it's not that those things won't be available, those things won't be able to be had, it's just that you'll be able to perform at an acceptable rate as a solo player without needing to do those things; and if you have them available to you then yes it can be good. Now you some might argue well if they're available and that's like peak efficiency then people don't consider anything below peak efficiency, efficient; and I understand that for sure. So what we might consider is some type of acceptable usability period where you know you may only use so many within a certain period of time so to speak before you know your blood starts to boil or whatever you know it might have there. But it is something that we have to look into. I don't have an answer specifically for that yet. I think that is something that we'll see in testing. We definitely don't want spamming. You know spamming in especially in PvP situations is not something that is very enjoyable by people. Also it promotes real money transactions because you know the whales who are able to afford them by means that might not necessarily be reputable if they make you know these side agreements with people to purchase stuff with real money for additional things, that just exacerbates the issue if they're just spammable. So that's definitely something we want to avoid.


Another add on to that question: So I know you've wanted potion launchers, so is it are these effects gonna be I guess you could say based on the benefit not the activation, so it would avoid say a raid just every person has a potion launcher and a health potion and when someone needs healing everybody's spams in one area?

Steven: So I mean those are the you know more action-based type of buffing support / healing and that you're what you're talking about is integration into particular weapon types. As I as far as I know that we have planned, we're not really looking to to integrate skill usage into the particular weapon that you have equipped so to speak, so I can't say that we'll have that feature in Ashes of Creation. However with regards to Castle sieges and/or Horde mode that's something that we could have those types of features in, where we right now we're doing is we're tying specific skills and/or spells that we'll have available in the MMORPG, we're tying those into activatable skills on weapon types with the Apocalypse. So what we might do is those particular skills that we want to see we could apply them, let's say to a potion launcher, or to a wand, or to a or to just a skill so to speak. That is something we'll see as we as we progress and testing with Apocalypse.


Speaking of skills, is there a possibility in the future to have like a blog that kind of explains the different type of augments or abilities that we'd see for each different type of class?

Steven: Oh yeah. Yes.


I've got a question regarding the apocalypse in the alpha-1. So there's gonna come a point where the Apocalypse and alpha 1 are running concurrently. What is the thought processes how updates will be made? So will it be that the combat present and alpha will be the true combat and it gets copied over to Apocalypse or will it be completely divergent at that point?

Steven: Apocalypse will stay full action combat. Apocalypse will always have just an action combat. However when we reach alpha one, that is the time when we will have our first iteration on hybrid combat that we intend for Ashes of Creation. Now that will still change as we move from alpha 1 to alpha 2 and betas perhaps- well preferably not beta but from alpha 1 alpha 2- that there's room for change; and that's all purpose of that testing. But as far as it applies to Apocalypse, that will stay action combat.


Action combat with tab targeting or action combat tab targeting with like battle royal action combat? Because it feels like it's gonna be the second thing.

Steven: Are you talking about Apocalypse?

No I'm talking about the actual game. Like it feels like as time moves on it's gonna be like there's gonna be a tab targeting system and you're gonna implement the action combat from the Battle Royale to the MMO, but it right now in the market almost doesn't like it doesn't look like the Ashes of Creation actual combat. More Ashes of creation action combat looks more like Battle Royale combat, other than like-

Steven: The reason why for that is because the look of it regardless of the look of it from a design perspective when it actually comes to coding the way action combat works is you generally have two forms of combat registry: You have a hit scan and you have a projectile, right: One of the two. Sometimes you can have a combination of the two; and then you also have templated based attacks, so like you lay down a hit scan in the shape of a cone or in the shape of a circle or something, or a line whatever. We have both currently working in Apocalypse; and part of the whole purpose of this test period and to ascertain what would interact best with tab targeting, or could be both, is that we want to collect data on reaction times, how reacts to latency, where we have server authoritative registries, where we can allow for client authoritative registries, but do have confirmation with adjudicated by the server; or where we can interpolate player movement and replication for regards to a hitscan and projectiles. That type of information is is vital when it comes to creating the hybrid nature of what tab targeting allows for and what action combat could allow for. So I can't tell you exactly what it's going to look like now because we have yet to collect the necessary information that we need to create that system. But as we move forward in testing and we collect additional information, that's when we begin to set up what we call you know this vertical slice of combat: The vertical slice of hybrid combat within the game.


Steven: Let me answer real quick. I saw that there was a question from Zinnie: Are you concerned about the amount of cosmetic assets being added to the pipeline with the different tiers in APOC in addition to the monthly store cosmetics. No Zillie. Actually the way that we've constructed the pipeline at least from a character standpoint is that the cosmetics offered in Apocalypse are not of the quality that are offered through the monthly pre-order packages. The monthly pre-order packages are what we would consider probably the highest form of cosmetics. Those are indeed one-off type cosmetics. They require you know a specific construction, modeling, concepting, texturing, those types of things. Within Apocalypse however the pipeline is actually very similar to the way that armors are constructed within Ashes of Creation that are not cosmetic based. These are creating you know for one particular suit of armor you have you know 40 to 50 odd pieces of attachments: It could be the you know the pauldron on the shoulder. It could be the breastplate. It could be the rose that's on the breastplate. It could be you know the theming that's done for the armor itself. Those are all individual pieces and the way that we're doing cosmetics for Apocalypse is that we're taking let's say one plate set and that plate set is as varied. It's varied into an obsidian texture, or into a rose-colored texture of gold, or into a silver or platinum mithril type color and texture. Those are the ways that we're kind of varying the different cosmetics that become available there, which which from a production standpoint is actually very minimal as it relates to impacting our modelers. That is really what hits our our texture team and the ability to mix and match these different attachments together to create unique sets. So it's a really great pipeline to have it won't impact in any way shape or form the pipeline that's present for the store cosmetics because those are completely separate.


I wanted to ask add-on to that: Could we potentially have it so that there's a like a private mode for the sieges? That way you know instead of getting just hounded by hundreds of people, we could actually go in a test and look for every- bugs that you guys want.

Steven: Part of the desire of the Castle siege is the ability to host a session and challenge a particular opponent. So that's not something that will be present initially but it is in our backlog for feature development and would probably become present after we initially launched the Castle siege mode. But it's my desire that you would have what's called a dual category, where you can challenge a particular guild let's say or an individual to a match and you would host a server dedicated to those participants.


Have you manged to stop the circle yet?

Steven: Yes we do have a GM command that stops the circle. The problem is that there are two types of- if you guys are unfamiliar with development- there's two types of clients that can be received: There's a client that's built for shipping, or a client that's built for development. The development client has the available command console to input GM commands. The shipping client does not have a command console. So while the feature is complete for us to stop that storm- and we could launch the match without this storm- the victory conditions would just be a death. But the problem is that running those servers perpetually right now we don't have in our infrastructure the ability to just keep up multiple instances of game sessions where people are roaming around. Because that game instance itself requires a number of CPU usage and/or memory usage on our virtual machine in the cloud and we don't want to necessarily implement that feature right.


With the clothing cosmetics, are we are you gonna allow it so we can dye them similar to other armor pieces in-game?

Steven: Yes there is definitely a dye feature that's going to be implemented and you'll be able to- I think we went into this a little depth- I think that was actually one of the rewards from Kickstarter was a particular dye set; and the idea there is that you'll be able to apply different colors to pieces- to either pieces or to whole

I think they were stretch goal.


Steven: Alaron asks: The December mount looks oddly close to the Dawnbreaker mount from the Kickstarter campaign. Can you experience between the two other than type of wings? I think the Dawnbreaker- was the Dawnbreaker the Kickstarter was at the Summer? Which was- oh yeah the Pridestalker and the Dawnbreaker, right right, right. So the Pridestalker I think has the lion's head and the Dawnbreaker has like an owl's head and a Bears body and like a butterfly's wing set. Nice so I mean the difference there is is really just visual. What you see is the difference. The Arctic Prowler is really more closely aligned with a traditional kind of owlbear. So you know there's some subtleties, but I think those are those two are pretty significantly different. I mean the wings alone make them very different.


I have a question regarding cosmetics that we already have. Cosmetics that we can go under our Kickstarter packages monthly as they're done. Is there any chance of them being implemented into a box so that we can get [cross-talk] what they look like?

Steven: 100% yes. So the great thing about the shared account management system is that all of your data with regards to pack ownership and or Kickstarter entitlements: Those things are present for Apocalypse. So that when assets get completed that are attributed to your entitlements from Kickstarter or whatever, we want to implement them for testing purposes into Apocalypse. That means if there's any clipping issues, if there's animation issues, we get to see them in live-action and we get good reporting from players as they are testing those things.


Does that include dragons?

Steven: Hey now I've already leaked enough tonight.


For like in-game voice chat are there gonna be certain areas that's available to us or are we gonna be sticking to like the alt proximity chat?

Steven: There will not be proximity chat in Apocalypse. There will only be group chat.

I could swear that I was talking locally.

Steven: No that's an error. If you were talking with people, what was happening was- just to describe that error- what we saw was that you have a unique user ID assigned by our voice over IP system and sometimes that unique user ID would overlap with a different game session and you would be added to the same voice lobby server as different match. So what we've done is we've implemented a unique server ID tag for the voice over IP channel, so now that can't happen again.

I have to jump on jump off and make sure that we get this test out and see where we are let you guys I just want to let you guys know as before I leave that you know it is beyond measure helpful for us to have Apocalypse as a test-bed for many of the elements that are in Ashes of Creation. It doesn't impede the development of Ashes of Creation, it assists it. With regards to monetization, there are going to be a lot of people who are not now a part of the Ashes of Creation community who are going to come and want to play I believe Ashes of Creation apocalypse. So having a monetization vehicle present for that game only helps to solidify and strengthen the development of Ashes of Creation as an MMORPG. So with that I bid you adieu and hope you guys have a good night.