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Alpha-1 early preview.[1]

This is a true development alpha. This is not a marketing alpha; and what that means is as you know part of the process here in developing Ashes of Creation is being open with that development so you guys can see that progress; and it is a double-edged sword. There are going to be a spectrum of people that exists who are very involved with the game's development and those who are just completely at an arm's length away in understanding the process; and they may look at alpha one- the people who don't really understand the development process or haven't been a part of it- they may look at it and they may think oh you know this is trash, looks like trash, you know whatever it's the end-product. But at the end of the day what's important for us and what yields the best possible product is for us to include as much as possible the community in that development process with no NDA so that you guys give valuable feedback; and as we go through the iterative process in further defining the game and fleshing out that content were doing so with the player in mind and their voice in our ear. That is I think one of the key distinguishing factors between our development and many developments that you guys may have seen in the past.[2]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 is a testing release of the Ashes of Creation MMORPG.[5] Alpha-1 will test:

Alpha-1 availability

15 August 2018 was the last day for purchases of Alpha-1 through Intrepid pre-order packs (History).[6]

  • The developers are considering re-opening sales of Alpha-1 packs in the future.[30]

One of the main reasons for evaluating the pretests prior to opening up A1 sales again was to see the stability of the multi server selection code, and how our individual server deployments held up. That, along with our world concurrency and individual server performances did indeed hold up to our expectation, and gives me the first green light for consideration of opening future sales. You can expect more info on this during January.[30]Steven Sharif

Ashes of Creation

Az Ashes of Creation (AoC) egy közelgő MMORPG, ami egy high fantasy open world[31] világban játszódik.

Az Ashes of Creation egy középkori fantasy világban játszódik, a képzelőerő és a korszerű grafika keverékeként. Az MMORPG kifejezésből a hangsúlyt a 'massive' szóra helyezzük, egyedi és újszerű játékmechanikákkal, amik értelmet adnak a játékosok tetteinek. A játék magába foglalja majd a hagyományos MMORPG-k legjobb részeit, innovációs sandbox elemekkel. Minden lehetőségnél a sorsodról döntesz. A küldetésvonalak elérhetősége a játékosoknak a világukkal való interakcióján fog múlni, mivel ebben a világban a cselekedeteknek következményei vannak. A szörnyek megjelennek, és egyre vadabbak, ahogy a civilizáció felveri a természetes rendet. A települések helyszínétől azok méretéig: te alakítod a világod tájait. Egyedi lesz kulturálisan, ökológiailag és gazdaságilag.[32]

Az Ashes of Creation egy közelgő MMORPG ami egy high fantasy világban játszódik, ahol a játékosok döntései alakítják és fogalmazzák a körülöttük lévő világot.[31]

Az Ashes of Creation egy egyedi MMO élmény. A világ szerkezete dinamikus, és a játékosok cselekedeteire reagál. Városok fognak virágozni és elbukni, míg a lakosságuk felépítését a világ történelme alakítja, amit a játékosok irányítanak. Ezen lakosságok gyarapodásával új küldetések válnak elérhetővé, a játékosok szükségletei növekednek, titkokra derül fény. Ahogy a világ NPC felépítése valós időben áll össze, a játékosok le is rombolhatják ami fel lett építve, megalapozva az utat újabb fejleményeknek, új lakosságoknak és valódi változásoknak. A politikai viszályok és érdekek valós szerepet fognak játszani a világ kialakításában. A statikus világok ideje lejárt, eljött a változás kora.[32]

Alpha-1 playtest schedule

I am happy to announce the dates for Alpha One testing. This schedule will include Alpha One testers for a 4-day stress test starting on December 18, 2020. Now this first test will remain under NDA, as there will still likely be some considerable polish and bug fixing necessary. I will of course provide some recorded footage of the event so the community at large can see the testing. The gap between the December test and the February test will provide our team with the time necessary to iterate and fix bugs, then in March we will aim to have a 1-week test stood up in preparation for the final month-long test in April.[18]Steven Sharif

Prior to these testing dates, users who have Alpha One access will receive emails with their testing instructions and a known issues list, along with the testing focuses and objectives. As I said, the Alpha One for Ashes of Creation is intended to test the base mechanics of many systems. We leave much room to iterate depending on how the testing data goes.[18]Steven Sharif

Phase Release Estimated/Actual date
Alpha-1 Alfa-1 korai betekintés élő közvetítés.[36] March 27, 2020.[1]
Alfa-1 korlátozott minőségi teszt (NDA).[37][38] May 28, 2020.[39][40]
Alpha-1 kiadás (NDA nélkül).[41][37] 2020 ősze.[37][40]


The term "alpha" is a tricky one, and it typically has 2 meanings in gaming. The development meaning for alpha is a point in the process where we are ready to test the fundamental systems in their core form, without polish and without much of the content. Then, there is the external or "marketing" term for alpha. This is typically applied to Eastern-ported MMORPGs, when in fact that is a completed game being localized for a region, and not really indicative of a true development alpha. As you may know by now, game development has many stages - from the initial tech demos to the pre-production and pre-alpha states, then on to the alphas and betas and eventually launch.[18]Steven Sharif

I want to make emphatically clear, our alphas and betas are true development alphas and betas, and some have said I am crazy to allow these phases to be seen without an NDA…maybe I am crazy? lol… But I am trusting the community of gamers out there to get a glimpse into the process, and understand the long road ahead for what will eventually be worth the wait. Given time and talent, amazing things can happen, so make sure you help us in communicating that we are in open development which means people get to see the bare bones before the meat. And look, I know people see our 4K footage and say, "This looks better than most released games!", but trust me when I say, you ain't seen nothin’ yet.[18]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 testing zone (Alpha island)

Alpha-1 testing tropical zone featuring a war beast and a tribe of pigmy goblins.[42]

This is a rather large tropical area; and what we use some of the creatures for is kind of like establishing character for different parts of this tropical place. So that even though it's the same biome, it feels different when you are going from place to place based on what's there and how those things are interacting with the environment.[10]Jeffrey Bard

Alpha-1 testing takes place in a zone to the north west of the world map.[43] This zone has many islands and a mainland area.[11]

  • There are 12 different (sub)zones in the Alpha-1 testing location.[10]
  • The Alpha-1 zone is almost 100 km2 in size.[10][11] This is approximately 20-25% of the total world size.[10][12]
    • Traversing the width of the zone (10 km) on a mount would take about 30 minutes.[44]
  • Alpha island (also called Alpha-0 island) was the first open-world testing zone for Alpha-1 participants.[45]
  • A new tropical/jungle zone was added for the December 2020 Alpha-1 preview tests.[43][42] This zone replaces the previous alpha island testing zone.[10]
  • Temporary teleportation points will be present in early tests until ships are introduced later in the alpha testing.[27]

Alpha-1 participation

There are slightly under 10,000 participants in Alpha-1 testing.[46]

Intrepid packs were discontinued to keep the participating testers below the 10k threshold so as not to exceed potential issues on our backend. My statement just now was, if testing goes fine and we are able to handle the number of players fine, I do not see an issue in offering additional intrepid packs. Alpha One was not exclusive. We did indeed end sales for the past 2 years.[47]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 servers

Alpha-1 servers will support 1,500 concurrently connected users per server.[24][12][25]

Alpha-1 servers will be provisioned in the following regions.[49]

Server wipes

Alpha and Beta servers will be wiped prior to launch.[52]

  • Servers may also be wiped between individual tests, unless the developers require progression to be saved for certain spot tests.[53]

As a general rule, if the testing phase contains the word Alpha, it is safe to assume there will likely be wipes.[54]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 NDA

Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta-1, Beta-2 releases are not covered by NDA (non-disclosure agreement).[55]

  • QA testing prior to the full release of Alpha-1 is covered by NDA.[56][38]
    • The text and voice NDA was lifted from the PI QA testing phase on May 28, 2020.[56]
    • The NDA will be lifted for the March 2021 Alpha-1 preview tests.[18]

Our plan at the moment is for you to review and accept the NDA as part of the game client itself. Keep an eye out for emails in your inbox on how to test as we get closer![57]Sarah Flanagan

Alpha testing system requirements

Az Ashes of Creation alfa teszt minimum gépigénye.[58]

  • Operációs Rendszer: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Processzor: Intel Core i3-2125 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 3.3GHz
  • Videokártya: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 vagy AMD Radeon 6870 HD 1GB VRAM-mal és DirectX 12-vel
  • Memória: 6 GB RAM
  • Hálózat: Szélessávú internet kapcsolat
  • Tárhely: 15 GB elérhető tárhely
  • Hangkártya: DirectX Kompatibilis hangkártya

Ajánlott gépigény.[58]

  • Operációs Rendszer: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Processzor: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz / AMD FX-9590 4.7GHz
  • Videokártya: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 vagy AMD Radeon R9 Fury 4GB VRAM-mal és DirectX 12-vel
  • Memória: 16 GB RAM
  • Hálózat: Szélessávú internet kapcsolat
  • Tárhely: 15 GB elérhető tárhely
  • Hangkártya: DirectX Kompatibilis hangkártya

Alpha-1 player flagging/corruption

Player corruption is expected to be implemented in Alpha-1.[21]

Alpha-1 name reservation

Name reservations will begin during Alpha-1.[6]

Alpha-1 account management

Account management systems revamped for Alpha-1 are expected to be launched on 5 October 2018.[59]

Két lépcsős autentikáció

Token-alapú két faktoros autentikáció (2FA) már lehet hogy elérhető lesz az Alfa-1-től.[60]


Alpha-1 environment.[61]

We are a high fantasy game... That means that outside of the traditional sorts of environments you're going to start seeing some pretty crazy and wild stuff that will also change based on seasons.[62]Jeffrey Bard

Alpha-1 videos

Alpha-1 screenshots



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